Constitution & By-Laws

October 6, 2000


I.          NAME. The name of this Association shall be the Middle Atlantic Association of Colleges of Business Administration.

II.         PURPOSE.  The objective of this Association is to promote and improve collegiate education for business. This Association primarily serves members within the jurisdiction of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and other select regions.

III.       MEMBERSHIP. Membership in the Association is Open to institutions which:

are accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools or other appropriate regional accrediting body,

offer graduate or four-year undergraduate degrees through schools or departments of business administration; and

during the five years preceding the submission of application for membership, have conferred an average of at least 25 undergraduate baccalaureate degrees in business administration per year or have conferred an average of at least 25 graduate degrees in business administration per year.

Institutions may be admitted to membership by a two-thirds vote of the members of the Association present at the next Annual Business Meeting.

A fee, determined annually by the Executive Committee, is to accompany the application of new members.

IV.       DUES. The members of the Executive Committee shall determine the annual membership dues.

V.        VOTING RIGHTS.  Each member institution shall have one vote on all matters which come before the Association.

VI.       MEETINGS. The Association shall hold an annual meeting in the autumn of each year at dates and places as the Executive Committee may determine; additional special meetings may he called by the Executive Committee as circumstances demand.

VII.     OFFICERS. The officers of the Association shall be President, First Vice President, Second Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer. These four, with three others elected by the Association and the retiring President each year, shall constitute the Executive Committee. This Committee, then, shall consist of eight persons with the following titles and responsibilities as noted:

President and Chair 
First Vice President and Program Chair 
Second Vice President 
Immediate Past President and Chair of Nominating Committee 
Director of Communications 
Chair of Issues Committee 
Member At Large

The Executive Committee shall have the power to conduct the affairs of the Association in accordance with the provision of this Constitution and of any special votes of the Association. The Executive Committee shall have the power to create ad hoc committees as needs arise and to recommend standing committees for membership approval.

The members of the Executive Committee shall be elected annually by a majority of the membership present at the Annual Business Meeting to hold office until their successors are elected. However, the Secretary-Treasurer and the Director of Communications shall be elected for three year terms. If one person holds the two positions, the number of At Large members elected shall be increased to bring the total to eight members.

Whenever the office of President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer becomes vacant, the Executive Committee shall fill the same by temporary appointments pending the election of permanent successors at the next meeting.

Vacancies in the elected members of the Executive Committee shall be filled by temporary appointments made by the President pending the election of permanent successors at the next meeting.

VIII.    AUTONOMY OF MEMBERS.  No act of the Association shall be held to control the policy or action of any member institution.

IX.       AMENDMENTS.  This constitution may be changed at any regular or special meeting. No change shall be effective unless approved by two-thirds of the institutions represented. No motion for an amendment shall be considered unless a copy of such proposed amendment has been filed with the Secretary at least forty days before the meeting and a copy thereof sent forthwith by the Secretary to each member institution.



1.         The First Vice President shall have the responsibility for preparing the program for the Annual Meeting and shall be assisted by the representative of the host institution.

2.         A registration fee shall be required of each person attending the Annual Meeting of the Association. The fee shall be fixed by the host institution in consultation with the President of the Association and shall be used to cover expenses of the meeting including scheduled meals and overhead items such as printing, mailing, etc.

3.         The Nominating Committee shall be comprised of four members:

  • The Immediate Past President is Chair. He/she is also a member of the Executive Committee

  • The Secretary

  • The Treasurer.

  • Two Other Past Presidents.

The Immediate Past President rotates each year. The Secretary and Treasurer are Ex-Officio member. The other two Past Presidents are each appointed for staggered two-year terms with one appointment being made each year. The Executive Committee at its fall meeting makes this appointment.

The Nominating Committee meets as appropriate during the year.  The Chair at its fall meeting presents nominations to the Executive Committee. Nominations are presented to the whole membership for approval at the Annual Business Meeting.

4.         Annual Meetings shall be open to all members and other interested parties.

5.         Applicants for admission to the Association shall be required to submit credentials to the Secretary and Treasurer who will present the application and supporting documentation to the Executive Committee at its next meeting.

6.         The fiscal year shall commence on July 1st and terminate the following June 30th. The Treasurer shall bill members for annual dues once each fiscal year.

7.         Newly elected Association members by their payment of an application fee will be considered to have paid their annual dues for their first year of membership.

8.         The duties and responsibilities of the Fiduciary Officer are to be exercised by the Treasurer who shall act to conserve and invest the surplus funds of the Association. Whenever possible, the Secretary and/or Treasurer should be a past President of the Association. In the event that the Secretary and/or Treasurer is unable to complete his or her term for any reason, the Executive Committee is empowered to appoint a replacement pending confirmation at the next annual meeting, at which time a new three-year term will begin. The school with which the Treasurer is affiliated shall become the home base of the Association during that period.

The Secretary and/or Treasurer shall be reimbursed for any expenses associated with the office. The Secretary and Treasurer shall keep all of the records of the Association including the membership list; shall encourage new membership; keep and distribute minutes of all meetings of the Association; develop the archives, including committee reports from all standing and special committees and correspondence of the Association; send out meeting notices and other continuing activities concerned with the annual meetings; and maintain all of the historical data for the Association.

The Secretary and/or Treasurer may he located anywhere in the confines of the territory of the Middle Atlantic Association of Colleges of Business Administration.

The Treasurer shall maintain the financial records of the Association and submit periodic reports to the Executive Committee and an annual financial report to the membership.

9.         The  Director of Communications shall also be responsible for the emerging publications of the organization and any other duties that may be assigned by the President of the Association or the membership at their Annual Business Meeting.

10.     The Second Vice President shall be elected by the membership and shall assume such tasks as the President designates.

11.     The Issues Committee shall consist of two members appointed by the Executive Committee at its fall meeting for staggered two year terms. The Chair of the Issues Committee is a member of the Executive Committee. The Committee shall undertake an annual survey of the membership to determine matters of interest and concern. The survey results shall be presented to the Executive Committee.

Honorary Lifetime Individual Members.  Honorary lifetime individual membership will be awarded to those individuals who have made significant contributions to MAACBA and its development.  Nominations for this honor may be submitted by any member organization in good standing to the Secretary-Treasurer for approval by the Executive Committee.  Honorary members will receive all mailing and be invited to all annual meetings.  Fees and Dues will be waived for these honorary members.

Changes ratified by the membership at the 2000 Annual Meeting.

For an updated listing of current MAACBA members, contact Dean Greg Bruce, School of Business Administration, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at 215-951-1040 or e-mail